The Simplest To Do List You'll Ever Use

Enter Productive Zen

ToDoLeest is a to do list app created by Das Lazy Kompany, a company who create apps and plugins to make your life easier.

We designed it to be the simplest to do app you’ll ever use, after finding the existing solutions on the market too complicated, with too many features, and cluttered interfaces.

ToDoLeest comes with a built in AI motivational companion. Select any popular or historical figure, and get motivation from them to help complete items in your list.

Will you choose Alan Partridge, Julius Caesar, or Tony Robbins?

The app also has built in gamification, earn ZenXP for every task completed and level up over time. This is scientifically proven to aid habit adoption and productivity.

Press Pack

Provided within the press pack:

  • Logo files
  • Screenshots from the app
  • The Unsomnia promotional video

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